Kenneth Brakefield | About

I've been a photographer ever since high school. I always loved capturing the moment or cataloging history. Time passed and things changed. I married a wonderful woman and then we had 3 beautiful children.  Since it was the film days I had to set my photography aside. Film and developing costs had to take a back seat to raising a family. That was a sacrifice that I happily made.

Years passed and the kids grew up and started families of their own. I started to feel restless and knew I needed something that would allow me to release my creative juices. I thought about my old friend. My old Pentax Spotmatic F camera. I found it deep in my closet. But after dusting it off I realized that digital was the way to go so I bought I very nice Nikon DSLR. I was like a kid in a candy store. I took pictures of everything I could focus on. People, cars, trains, lighthouses, anything I could find. I obtained a copy of Adobe's Photoshop and started creating art from my images. I started to focus in on landscape images. My Dad taught me to love the woods and being in the country.

Finally after shooting a few barns I began to realize that they were a part of our heritage. So many barns were slowly deteriorating (including my own), fading into our history. I hoped to catalog that part of our rich history. There are so many styles and layouts. Everything from simple rectangle barns to the more complicated round barns.

Please feel free to browse my gallery.I hope you enjoy the images.